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Those days of idleness and laziness are over. Lost, I was, once again, from my path of chasing genius for broken was my spirit by the despondency caused by the reflection of my moronic being. Gruesome was the taste of dust I licked, of my reality. Lost was that purgatory where I wept tears of … Continue reading REDISCOVERY


The last dawn that carries to deliver That mild zest that flows out the spare sleep From my eyes, and willingly, I throw the sheets Away with my legs; that dawn has arrived. Yadira, do not let my words scare your rhythm But I will miss the liveliness you offered In those dull moments of … Continue reading TO YADIRA


My reticence restrains me From revealing the unsaid words that Pester my heart since your first wave; “Oh beauty, you are beautiful.” The curve on your salmon lips when You smile or break into a chortle, The mystery that sets in your eyes And the design that hides under attire Is as seducing as it … Continue reading TO A GIRL

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