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My heart knows the rhythm of your footsteps As they climb the stairs to the room where I lay weak in knees by your spells Of poetic charms; the smoothest seduction. I lay naked, in absolute bliss caused by The fever of love that runs through my veins. As you open the door, your lovely … Continue reading FEVER OF LOVE


I tore out my winged limbs And burnt all its feathers For my desire to live was still lit. Since happiness irritates For the one desire that grew deepest And burnt brightest; to be a genius Can`t be earned but is a gift Granted with the curse of existence. Every guffaw and smile questioned And … Continue reading CHASING RIMBAUD


Those days of idleness and laziness are over. Lost, I was, once again, from my path of chasing genius for broken was my spirit by the despondency caused by the reflection of my moronic being. Gruesome was the taste of dust I licked, of my reality. Lost was that purgatory where I wept tears of … Continue reading REDISCOVERY

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