I stab the heart of darkness

And turn the blade leisurely slow.

The blade plunged in black blood.

The pale skin of blindness,

I wash with a colorful glow,

And bathe it in a gentle scud.


I choke the throat of sorrow

With bare hands of absolute  rapture.

Its wheezes make a symphony.

And pour beauty in morrow

For my eyes to adoringly capture

The yawps in a revel ceremony.


On the corrupted soul of sadness

I paint hues of brief blisses

But so pristine that it blushes

As I cleanse the spirit with happiness

I cover her with sweet kisses

So lovely that it brings in rushes


I cherish the death of all ugliness

And reminisce the cold miserable days

Enclosed by dirt, filth and lust

I lose myself in the ecstatic liveliness

Of altruistic pruriency`s welcomed stays

Wrapped in benign love and its trust


My saviour, love, I mumble a prayer

For your vigour and virgin heart

Unbleached mind and smile`s delight

Through this poesy I present a layer

Of gratitude for my journey`s start,

With your soft touch, of life and light.

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