In me, there`s a hunger and thirst for life. In me, there`s too deep-rooted thread of love but you dug the ground right beside for a new tree`s birth from the seeds of a more profound love than I ever felt; too divergent and yet so simple, free of conditions and knots of time. We are portrait of my imagination of a love so strange yet feels like home when I wrap you in my arms. The melody of your laugh pacifies the waves of torments. And the reflection of your smile is absolute joy that shines on my face and lights up the dark corners of my heart. I wonder if there`s any spirit I love more deeply. The smell of memories with you is the smile in my reminiscing tears and the rapture in my foolishness. All my craziness and madness is an ode to you. I crave for more of us to be too blunt and too precise. Why? Because when life taught me to grow up with love and hurt, you saved the child in me.

I crawled down the thorny boulevards that lay lightless and lifeless. The journey commenced with a morn without sunrise for the sun burnt to black due to the dark royal blood that drip from devil`s mouth mixed in sticky thick spittle. The little demons chirped yesterday, today they wail sharply, piercing through my ears, pestering my mind. But then you came and touched me, and everything changed. I saw how erroneous was I being. I realized the sun hid behind the dark skies only to bless me with the morning rain. It was magical to bathe in the dawn`s droplets for the breeze that glided over the wet earth gave me strong quivers and I chuckled at my ignorance of the beauty. I understood the music which I thought was cacophony. And I begin to run wild like a prisoner on escape. I sprinted with no destination but with my surrender to destiny for it only brought you to me. I accepted the gentlest request of my heart to run back to you. So I did and kissed you cheek. Then I ran with our fingers tangled and entwined. Why? Because when life taught me to grow up with love and hurt, you saved the child in me.

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