I`m tired of stories of Sai, Buddha, Christ. Let`s create another God. Let`s create another religion and add another department, barrier in worldly mergence of humanity. Let`s make this one more interesting. A little promiscuous, a little shameless, a little less chaste, a little scandalous, a little harsh, a little flawed, a little human. Let`s only be half fools and half blind. Certainly it would be better than those who can`t see how Gods that we follow do nothing more than divide humanity in religions. The prayer you offer and blessing you seek, grant you no power, just a false belief of being stronger and a false belief that you are not alone. Why to be afraid of being alone, have the strength of going all the way on your own. Rather than having the false belief, have faith in yourself to achieve what you aspire to. What hope you feel is born by and in your mind. Have the confidence. Obstacles are mere tests to let you know if you want something badly enough to suffer till the moment you have it in your hands. And if you achieve that with falsity in your heart, the thing you have isn`t altogether true now. Surely you will thank your God for showing you the way and helping you. But know this, to see or interpret anything, there are two minimum ways or angles.

Either God showed you the door or you found one.

Either He gave you the strength to get past the door or you kicked it in.

If He was showing you the door why would He let you fall so many times? And even if He did, it means He is just an obstacle because everytime you got up, He put you down. Now you have the freedom to say He was trying to determine whether we deserve what we desire, but then why gave us the freewill? As I said above, there are minimum two ways or angles to everything.

In the end what matters is what you believe.

Either He`s the creator of us or we`re the creator of Him for some false sense of safety and power and control.

I believe we don`t need Him for anything. If I need hope, strength, love or anything, I will be granted from people; my parents, siblings, friends.

I have one last question. Even if for a moment, I believe he`s there somewhere…

For what do we need Him except for some false energy?

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