​While holding your hand

My life became a dream.

You are the joy that

I never thought I deserved.

You fill my gaps and pores,

And make me enough,

And sometimes more than whole.

Your kiss became the reason,

That wakes me up every morn

And your love was the gift and bribe

To fight my addiction and fears.

I revealed to you all my stuck unfallen tears.

And you dried every last of drops

With just the warmth of your embrace.
But poetry is my gift

And poesy is my curse

And so is the distance between us. 

I weep and long for your love 

But those teardrops offer only verses.

And grant me no solacement. 

But only loneliness and remind

Me of my brokenness

Tossing me back

In a pool of misery,

In a ring of questions

Whose answer will only invite pain and sorrow. 

Just like yesterday, like a prosaic morrow

Where hues of rainbow are lost

And I still haven’t found me in all my identities.

But in those few moments of knowing

I remember being near you. 

For the nearer I stayed to you, 

The nearer I stayed to me.

In those moments I felt like the last candle

In the abyss of darkness,

Like the light on moonless night. 

And I, for once did what was right

And not twist truth with colorful lies, 

Just my love as clear as cloudless skies.
I’m incapable to think of anything but you

That’s how kinship restrain my art

When I’ve given up my heart to you.

And dead are my dire demons

When your touch caresses my spirit,

And faint is my naughtiness. 

And like never before surges happiness

Over my mind and heart and spirit. 

And that is what blurs my demonic eye

And freezes down flames of my fiery wings.

You teach me benevolence, poem teaches despondence. 

You me me feel coziness, poem teaches nothingness.

I chose you a little too late. 

Now I’m just different; miserable, broken, dark, demented soul. 

But with you I was complete and whole.

This distance between us like poesy is my curse, 

Only because poetry is my gift.

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