What do your desire more? My words or my heart? My bare face or my masks? My colorful lies or my unbleached truth? The sun of my winter, beach bath in summer, shelter in my disaster. Who? Don`t you already know? You. Who else? You are – the fear in my foolishness and my mischief. The sole witness of the twin souls of my benevolence and malevolence too. Poems or lyrics or my truth, what do you desire more? Poems – just verses of truth corrupted by tiny beautiful fantasies. My truth is all of me. What do you desire more?
I want to keep you as you are and keep us as we are; pristine truth, brutal honesty, fights rarely oozing attitude and ego but often benignness. Let there be some forgotten muse with hundreds of poems to her name. We`ve fought more than that and fell deeper in love. Let there be more muses. Not even for a moment I love you less than anybody, only more, for they never knew the prurient me or the stupid me or the savage me or the childish me or the hurt me. Only you know, only you do, only you. No spirit ever came as close to me as you for I never met with such divine heart possessed by a mortal. How lost would I be by your absence in my life, stick around forever or at least till my final breath, for a blessing like you touches a dark soul like me only once in eternity. My promise to always be good or my vow to always spill the truth before you, what do you desire more? A stroll in the hinterland of my heart or just words; a peek through a window, what do you desire more?
In those moments with you, I live more than I ever lived, I feel bliss deeper than I ever felt and love more than I ever loved. Be my special one or join the line of muses, what do you desire more? Let me expose a secret I never knew until my life entwined with yours completely, you inspired me, you inspire me in my every breath. The only thing you`re blind to is; that inspiration comes in my acts of love, speech of gentleman, serenity of mind, words of respect but faint in poesies. A part of you in my every breath or a part of you in countable poesies, what do you desire more? I don`t wish to capture you in some page but write on my soul with hues of infinity, cherish every drop of that joy wholly and reminisce about only with you. Me reminiscing with the world or me reminiscing with you, what do you desire more?

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