Broken, I`m beyond repair.
But I`ve rediscovered my smile
Since I fell in the puddle of happiness.
Covertly, silently and leisurely
Joy is poisoning my poesy
For the only catalyst is sorrow.
Mourn in praise of grief
For I`m a helpless cherophobic
Until I draw my final breath.
Maintain the distance between
Or I might spoil your spirit`s shine
I might mar your immaculacy
And so is my identity`s fallacy.
Neither the sun nor the moon; eternal light
I`m a half-broken lamp
On the last pint of fuel.
And then I`ll be as I was born.
In your touch I saw the first morn.
But I`m reverse of what every heart prays,
Fix my heart but my broken soul?
So leave me be lonely in my emptiness,
I`ll pen a poem and find the liveliness
In those words and verses
Leave me to my destruction
And I might feel life in my malady
Maybe the tears stuck will be slide free
When my throat chokes with dreariness.
In my unquenched desire, let me agonise
And leave me writhing with my demon in my ugliness
I`ll journey just as yesterday I did
In that abandoned wilderness
Of my lost poetic zeal,
In that lone breath of reality
I acknowledged its melancholic stench
And that intoxicant-triggered ecstasy moulded a city
Which remained nameless like my bonds and knots
Tangled by the threads of pristine love.
Unblemished by the conditions and reasoning.
Let me grieve for every poem
To be drenched in me and let me drench
In every verse I compose for every poem.
I surrender to the battles of contentment,
To win the war of glory, greatness and Godliness.

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