​I ambled around in the memory valley

When on a bygone yesterday I met

A woman with majestic pulchritude in alley

Where I was lost and when my eyes set

On hers, I had found myself a better me.

Hello my new friend yet a stranger fellow

I desire to know every piece of you

Show me the secret path and I’ll follow,

It to your heart and all liveliness

Shall meld with all the loveliness

When you smile for it’s mesmeric

And I recognize your spells of magic

That are wrapped in silence

But work by your inviting eyes

And seduces the fragrance

That wraps your empyreal grace.

That stroll led me to a muse so unknown

That bewildered every sense of the poetic me

For I possessed no clue of where to begin

To reveal the brief chronicles of a beauty and a fool.

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