There might be a day named someday when the poet in me will embrace death or I will toss him in the pit of termination, would you still see me as you do today? Will I possess the same space in your heart on that lovely yet ugly day? Would your heart be just as close as is now? When those profound lines are lost from my tongue, would the love to my name still be under my name? On that someday, would I be more beautiful or uglier? Don’t say “the same”, for a change shall always bring along a change. So whisper only the truth for I desire nothing else. Let it be sweet or bitter but let it be truth. Let me give an example – “I`d offer my heart, literally, to keep you breathing. They say oxygen is the only need, rest all is want. Yes, I need oxygen to breathe but I need you to give meaning to my breaths. And my prayer to your God, if he`ll listen is – in this or next life, let there bloom a love, unforbidden and yet as perfect as us.” So deliver the truth I request, without the worries of tomorrow because like every yesterday since I`ve known you and every today I`ll love you endlessly and boundlessly. Knowing your bare soul, let me remind the question you`ve forgotten – on that lovely yet ugly someday, would I be more beautiful or uglier and if your pristine soul has another answer, smear it on my ears.


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