Oh beautiful friend, sitting miles away

Yet you’re stuck in my mind

Like an addictive song.

Let my words touch your soul

To let you know I won’t disappear on you.

I’ve had plans now for quite sometime

Just waiting for this time when I’m free

Of all shackles and fetters that hold my wings

And not let me fly into the winds.

I desire to offer you my real face

Do not be scared or panic

You might not find me much sane

Might see my time spent in vain

But look beyond like I try to see in you.

Will you trust and follow me into the woods?

I promise, you won’t be hurt for I’ll be there

At every step and every corner of that path with you.

Will you offer me a closer look into you when arrives

The stage in this ship’s voyage?

I am and I shall in our first rendezvous

Without smoke, alcohol, pen and poetry.

Just you; my friend and me; your friend.

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