You dance surrounded by life and I

Stood so far and deep in nothingness

Where the echo of my steps

Deafened my ears and with its ugliness

Blinded me temporarily when

The dark skies swallowed the sun

And tears of misery birthed a flood

In the middle of that barrenland.

But a breath of relief, I was offered

With the faintest voice of your laughter

And a lone tulip blossomed

From the surface of that black desert.

I began to crawl as hope,

With a fragrance, lingers in

Some corner of my heart, that

I stumble in your arms at the blindspot

Which lies in the shadow of the fence

Of the garden, where exists existence

Where fields of flowers allures noses

With a seducing smell and colours of

Mortality and a spirit in those green aisles

Fetches for itself, a feeling of freedom,

A breeze of bliss and a rush in spine

For quivers to rule the body.

I seek forgiveness for I strayed

In my journey to attain glory.

But I ignored the biggest blessing; your love

And thus in that one step I lay

Distance of oceans between us.


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