Oh beautiful friend, sitting miles away

Yet you’re stuck in my mind

Like an addictive song.

Let my words touch your soul

To let you know I won’t disappear on you.

I’ve had plans now for quite sometime

Just waiting for this time when I’m free

Of all shackles and fetters that hold my wings

And not let me fly into the winds.

I desire to offer you my real face

Do not be scared or panic

You might not find me much sane

Might see my time spent in vain

But look beyond like I try to see in you.

Will you trust and follow me into the woods?

I promise, you won’t be hurt for I’ll be there

At every step and every corner of that path with you.

Will you offer me a closer look into you when arrives

The stage in this ship’s voyage?

I am and I shall in our first rendezvous

Without smoke, alcohol, pen and poetry.

Just you; my friend and me; your friend.


Oh friend, today I feel fine

Hearing that sweet voice of yours

Giving a joy only you can give
Oh friend, today I feel fine

Sharing my time with yours

Stealing a feeling only you give
Oh friend, today I feel fine

And when you need me, I’m yours

For as long as I shall live


There might be a day named someday when the poet in me will embrace death or I will toss him in the pit of termination, would you still see me as you do today? Will I possess the same space in your heart on that lovely yet ugly day? Would your heart be just as close as is now? When those profound lines are lost from my tongue, would the love to my name still be under my name? On that someday, would I be more beautiful or uglier? Don’t say “the same”, for a change shall always bring along a change. So whisper only the truth for I desire nothing else. Let it be sweet or bitter but let it be truth. Let me give an example – “I`d offer my heart, literally, to keep you breathing. They say oxygen is the only need, rest all is want. Yes, I need oxygen to breathe but I need you to give meaning to my breaths. And my prayer to your God, if he`ll listen is – in this or next life, let there bloom a love, unforbidden and yet as perfect as us.” So deliver the truth I request, without the worries of tomorrow because like every yesterday since I`ve known you and every today I`ll love you endlessly and boundlessly. Knowing your bare soul, let me remind the question you`ve forgotten – on that lovely yet ugly someday, would I be more beautiful or uglier and if your pristine soul has another answer, smear it on my ears.


let my poesy moulder in its thrist
for eyes to recognize the beauty
it captures and displays
but let me be their in your memory
till your final breath, felicity.
remember the verses i composed
with you as my muse for only
you were the true who filled my gaps
and my lips will always carry a smile
sorrow sprinkled or of absolute joy
when i think how you caught my teardrops
and when just a brief walk with you
helped me sleep in peace at night
they might remember only my lunacy
and demonic dreams of dire darkness
but you remember my serinity,
my blissful dawns and delightful vespers
they might grasp only my blasphemy
but you remember my heart’s immaculacy,
the loveliness of the gentleman in me
and liveliness of the child in me.

remember the drunken amble to my bed from yours
remember the delicious delicacies we tried together
and tied our hearts at lanes we explored
and wandered with laughter under an angry sun
let them live their illusion of my reflection
but for you i’ve left behind my shadow
in those letters and verses under your name
for with you, all i needed was what i already had.


I know whose spells you`re under

And how you`re trapped in perplexity

Between your confession or burying under

The secret whispers of your heart

But can I steal your thoughts?

Do I, sometimes? Can I leave behind

A trace of verses for you to follow

Into a dimly lit chamber of my heart

Where rests a mirror for you to see

You like I see you, in all glory of grace?

In your eyes I see, seraphic niceness lingers

And how your thought teases my mind

I shiver from spine to brain to my fingers.

Let me steal a moment with this understatement;

You are the finest shade of beauty.


Masked with my skin to hide his ugliness
Through tiniest pores diffusing dark numbness
To captivate my senses, to turn me a beast
My benevolence and morality are his feast
Hunger lust and malice desires, in me he breathes
Wrath and savages in my mind he wreathes

The creator of my disaster
My demon is my master
God is slayed by the demons under my skn
My demon is a ravish assassin
He feeds me absolute dementia
My bellows in grief is his ambrisoa
A slow sweet venom is his nectar
My God is my own monster
Corrupting my immaculacy
As I follow an archaic fallacy

The creator of my disaster
My demon is my master
God is slayed by the demons under my skn
My demon is a ravish assassin

Nesting under my peels
From under me he steels
And kills my tender touches and gentle spirit
Fading away all my virtuous writ
Defining a fresh meaning of dangers
Screwing and executing strangers

The creator of my disaster
My demon is my master
God is slayed by the demons under my skn
My demon is a ravish assassin


Never relate or compare
My one poem to another
To paint a picture of my soul.
You will be mistaken for I`m intact.
There`s greater fortuity with narrow minds
To perceive only my darkness, melancholy
And profanity. Far too profound verses
Are composed, for shallow hearts,
By the glory of my being. And I won`t deny
When they profess me as Lucifer
But only depose “I`m not only a demon.”
Ask my Yadira and sister Felicity
For they know the colour of my spirit;
Delight of my tenderness,
Burns of my bitterness,
Childhood in my madness,
Maladour of my hellbound fiend
And paramount, the deference
And solicitude of the love cradled
And carried by my mellow heart.


Once I stumbled upon a feeling

Nameless and a bit too strange

To identify or compare

To something I`ve ever felt.

I called it love.

Those riots of chills beneath my skin

Every time we touched

And attacks of anxiety I thought of my

Racing heartbeat but I was a kid

Searching for love in the teenage

Wisdom of my life.

Then I met you and I learnt love

And loved as easy as in the perfect dream.

And I learnt the magic question

To know if it`s love that I feel for I answered

“yes, I`d die for you”.


Let me reveal my kind;

I enjoy more without voice but with eyes

For no poetry can capture

The conversation of that moment

When eyes meet and a feeling

Floats over us and in between

I myself unmasked this truth

When for the first time our eyes met

`cause then I stumbled upon a rush

That crept up and down my spine

And incessantly over my mind

Birthed by that glance of

Acknowledgment and approval

Of the silent words exchanged

In that trice between you and me.

Did you feel so too?

Or indeed I`m a hopeless and helpless fool.


breathe my soul, breathe,

beat my stupid heart, beat,

but slowly and calmly.

she’s an angel, I’m a demon

how could she ever fall for me?

the kindest heart with fragrance

seducing my hollow soul

to crawl towards wholeness.

I’m healing faster lost in her thoughts.

opposites do attract but she

is light and darkness is me,

how could we ever coalesce?

stealing away my breaths,

surging my heartbeat arbitrarily.

teasing and tempting by being my muse.

the poet in me is running bare

on the traceless path to home

but can’t escape the shackles

of her thoughts and i imagine

her lips widen and shrink,

open and close, just move

with every word she says

and for my brother lunacy

has possessed me because

i smile without reason

but he does not know the thought

of my and hers first gentle coyish kiss

that offers me a blush that i cover

with a simple smile but beneath

is a fantasy of this impossible story

of an angel falling for a demon.

breathe my soul, breathe,

beat my stupid heart, beat,

but slowly and calmly.